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General Comments on Match Statistics

This page contains download links to all of the statistics and data published by the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) and other official organizations.  These files are a wealth of information and provide significant insight into match trends including specialty competitiveness (AOA status, USMLE board scores, publications, applicants, available spots, unfilled spots, etc.) and individual residency program competitiveness (unfilled programs and available residency spots).

Match Specialty Outcomes

A very detailed statistical analysis of virtually all aspects of individual specialties including averages and distributions for AOA status, USMLE board scores, number of publications, number of research projects, contiguous rank order list length, and match success.

2005 Match Outcomes

NRMP Advanced Data Tables

These are raw data tables comparing the number of available spots, number of filled spots and number of unfilled spots for individual residency specialties throughout the selected years.

2001 to 2007 Advanced Data Tables

2000 to 2006 Advanced Data Tables

Residency Program Match Outcomes and Unfilled Residency Positions

These files provide information about how many spots a residency was allocated in any given year and how many they filled.  The data provides insight into the competitiveness of individual residency programs as, generally speaking, less competitive programs have more trouble filling their quotas.

2005 Match Residency Outcomes by State - Includes the results of all residency programs organized by state

2005 Unfilled Residency Programs - Includes only those residency programs that failed to fully match in 2005, organized by specialty.  The formatting of the file is somewhat problematic, but all the information is present.

2004 Unfilled Residency Programs - Includes only those residency programs that failed to fully match in 2004, organized by specialty.





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