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Welcome to our USMLE Step 1 Score Estimator Tool!

In preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam, it seemed that the most frustrating aspect was a lack of any sort of feedback about how the preparation was proceeding.  A group of us were studying day and night, but realized that we really had no idea how we would do on Step 1 or if we would even pass!  Compounding matters was the fact that Step 1 may only be taken once (unless you fail).  In spite of all this, we fortunately ended up doing fairly well on Step 1.  However, several of our close friends failed Step 1 or were very surprised at their low score.  It wasn't because they were not smart, in fact many of them were in the top quarter of our medical school class (a top 20 US medical school).  The single biggest reason cited for their poor performance was a lack of feedback on the effectiveness of their preparation.

With that in mind, a group of us (including some engineers) decided to get together and create this website tool to help future medical students gauge how they are doing during their Step 1 preparation.  This tool provides an estimated USMLE Step 1 score based on several commonly used test preparation measures.  The estimated score is based on mathematical regression models derived from data gleaned from all available resources, including academic journal publications, other websites, USMLE forums, and (most importantly) anonymous score submissions.  The strongest influence on the regression models are the anonymous score submissions.  Their accuracy is dependent upon the number of students that submit scores anonymously to this website and the integrity of the medical students that submit scores anonymously.


The mathematical regression models used in the Step 1 Score Estimator are dynamic and will adapt to changing Step 1 test conditions and varying preparation question material through the anonymous Step 1 score submissions.  More weight is given mathematically to more recent anonymous score submissions resulting in continually improving Step 1 score estimates.  For the most accurate feedback about your Step 1 preparation, bookmark this page and check your estimated scores shortly after testing and on a regular basis thereafter.


Stay tuned for the addition of the USMLE World Step 1 question bank to the USMLE Step 1 Score Estimator!  (See notes about anonymous score submissions below)

USMLE Step 1 Score Estimator

Enter your scores for each of the respective preparation tests and press "submit" to receive an estimated USMLE score.  You are not required to enter values for all of the tests.  It is fine to only enter the scores that you currently have. 

View graph of USMLE Step 1 Score Distribution.

View graph of USMLE Step 1 Score - Percentile Conversion.

Kaplan QBank

Note:  For the best USMLE Step 1 score comparison, the Kaplan QBank score entered should be an average of the last 300 questions taken the first time through QBank (no question repeats).  You do not need to finish all of QBank to receive an estimate; just enter an average of the 300 QBank questions that you have most recently taken (again, no question repeats).  The test conditions should be timed and should be taken in blocks of 50 questions.  Enter the percentage.  For example, 65% correct on the last 300 questions should be entered as 65.  Please note that Kaplan QBank is not the same as the Kaplan diagnostic exam.


Free USMLE Practice Test

Note:  This test is obtained free from the USMLE official website.  For the best comparison, the test conditions should be timed at normal exam pace (60 minutes for 50 questions).  Enter the average percent correct for all the questions on the test.  For example, 65% correct should be entered as 65.  See our links page for a link to this test.


Paid NBME Self-Assessment Test

Note:  This test is obtained from the NBME official website and costs $45.  The test that should be taken for Step 1 is the Comprehensive Basic Science Self Assessment.  There are two versions of the Comprehensive Basic Science Self Assessment; you may enter the score for either one of the versions.  The score that should be entered is the 3 digit score, for example a score of 500 should be entered as 500.  Please note that most people have found that an "average" score of 500 on the NBME exam is not really "average".  Enter your score to see how it stacks up against the NBME scores of past medical students.  See our links page for a link to this test.



Note:  The MCAT probably has the least predictive value of any of the tests and certainly does not provide any information regarding your current state of preparation.  However, we thought it would be interesting to know how others with similar MCAT scores have performed on Step 1.  There are also several academic papers on MCAT / USMLE Step 1 score correlations with thousands of students surveyed.  Enter the total MCAT score, for example a verbal score of 10, bio score of 10 and physics score of 10 would have a total score of 30.  The number 30 should be entered above.

Anonymous Step 1 Score Submission

The accuracy and usefulness of the information provided on this website is completely dependent upon the participation, generosity and integrity of its users.  We feel that there exists no better group of people displaying all of those honorable traits than current medical students.  If this website has helped you in any way or if you would like to help future medical students preparing for Step 1, please submit your scores.  The submissions are completely anonymous and your submission will result in an instantaneous improvement of the mathematical regression models driving the score estimations on this website.  Please only enter your scores once. 

The medical students of the future thank you!


bullet Though we do not yet have sufficient data to generate a regression line for the Step 1 USMLE World question bank, we are accepting anonymous USMLE World score submissions (just click link below).  We are hoping to have enough submissions to be able to offer a USMLE World estimate within a couple months.
bullet We are especially in need of people who performed below average.  This website is anonymous and no one will ever know your score.  If you performed below average, please help future medical students prepare for step 1 by submitting your scores.
bullet If you have not taken step 1 yet, but want to improve the accuracy of the mathematical models used in this estimator, please email the link to this page to the 3rd and 4th year students at your medical school and bug them to submit their scores!

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