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Supermemo Program (PALM OS - free 30 day trial - not affiliated with MedFriends.org)

Sample USMLE Step 1 Supermemo Flashcard Database (Free - Microbiology)

Full USMLE Step 1 Supermemo Flashcard Databases ($10 - Gross Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Physiology, and Pharmacology)


What is Supermemo?

Supermemo is a program created for PDA’s (you know, the things you carry around with Epocrates, 5MCC, etc) to help people review/memorize any data they can imagine.

Why use Supermemo?

A few of us at a top medical school in the U.S. took the NBME practice exams at the beginning of our studying for Step 1 and at the end. The increase in our NBME practice scores and actual scores with an almost exact correlation to the NBME practice tests was anywhere from 40-50 points over a 2 month period!  The worse you are doing on the practice exams, the higher you will increase your score.  All the data in the Supermemo databases are from major review book sources listed on this website (FA, etc.) and major question banks online.

Why does it work?

This program MAKES you memorize data needed for Step 1 in the absolute quickest way possible. If you keep getting a question wrong, it will ask you it every day. If you get it right, the interval of asking the question will increase. We recommend at least 2 months of using supermemo to really drill in the data. One of the best functionalities of Supermemo, outside of the repetition and drilling is that it is portable on your palm pilot – you can use it anywhere!

I’ve seen some free stuff on the web for Supermemo, why should I buy yours?

We have updated the data with the latest 2006 review book corrections and the latest practice questions from major question banks. We have spend over a hundred hours doing this during our review. If you want the latest, most up to date information we are testing, you need our files for Supermemo?

How many questions should I do per day?

This depends on how much time you have. The bottom line is that you have to have all the questions in your review process with at least a month left to review them. It will probably take you a month to add all the questions. Start by adding 50 per day.

Is there anything else I need to do along with Supermemo?

Yes, but not much. You should absolutely do a major question bank online or in book format to test your knowledge. Also, periodically you must take the NBME exams for evaluation of your real scores on the exam. Ideally, you should spend the majority of your time on Supermemo the first month, then switch to doing at least 2-3 blocks of questions per day plus review for the last month, while maintaining your Supermemo review.







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